Airstar, inventor and world leader of lighting balloons systems since 1994, is your best source for exciting innovation at the intersection of lighting, design and technology.

Airstar Event Dept.

Airstar will be your leading supplier of entertainment and event lighting to a wide range of markets, including corporate and automotive events, concerts, special events, theatre, television and film, trade shows, and installations, such as theme parks, museums, retail stores and performing art centers, among others.

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Airstar Film Dept.

Behind every Airstar Film range product is a world of expertise and support designed to deliver you more than just high quality.

Our global network of cinema lighting specialists offers you personal support whenever you need it. 

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Airstar Safety Dept.

Airstar has dominated the field of safety lighting with the production of our glare-free, 360-degree lights.

The Sirocco and Flex lighting systems allow increased traffic flow safety; create a safe work environment while reducing maintenance and energy consumption.

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