Airstar’s innovative new Pixel LED technology is now available in select models of our event lighting. We have re-imagined our products to deliver higher quality, glare-free light with many exciting enhancements.

We’re also very excited to share the release of our Crystal Pixel LED. This is Airstar’s most technologically advanced LED lighting solution. Light large areas and reduce energy consumption while delivering soft and inviting warm light. It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor events of all kinds including concerts, live events, fashion shows and sporting events. Pair with the Airstar Light App for powerful, on-demand lighting control!



Mobile Lighting Control


The evolution of our NEO light tube includes several innovative features that offer a universe of white and color options. In addition to manual and DMX control, NEO Pixel can be also be controlled using standard Bluetooth connectivity with the Airstar Light App. It’s very easy to select and control lights individually or as a group to apply animations and scenes that make color come to life.