About Airstar

Airstar keeps revolutionizing set lighting since 1994. We are the inventors of the lighting balloon as a light source on film sets and photo shootings. Everyday, at least one film set in the world uses Airstar lighting balloons. Thanks to a unique know-how in fabrics and in electricity, Airstar offers balloons of various light sources, sizes and shapes meeting all kind of needs.

Behind every Airstar product is a world of expertise and support designed to deliver you more than just high quality. Whether it’s a Hollywood blockbuster, a low budget independent film or a fast-moving television documentary, our products deliver the speed, flexibility and efficiency needed for today’s production schedules, without sacrificing quality.

Airstar received an Academy Technical Award® for the introduction of balloons with internal light sources to provide set lighting for the motion picture industry.

We created Airstar and invented the lighting balloon concept in 1994. Beyond a “bright” idea, we had to gather a group of women and men with complementary skills, to develop an international network to promote the concept, to listen to our customers and to keep on developing products to offer a complete range of lighting balloons to every size production, from student film to high-budget features.

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