If you have any special events like Aerial shows , Airstar has impressive balloons with original designs that will bring breathtaking views to any venue.


  • Helium – inflated balloon
  • Indoor or outdoor show
  • Peaceful and elegant silhouette
  • Height of use: 65′ to 100′
  • Professional Rigging
  • Halogen light can be dimmed and DMX controlled
  • Trapeze or chiffon show


  • Vinyl graphics
  • Great projection surface


  • Opening ceremonies
  • Parties
  • Aerial Shows
  • Projections


See our Spectacle Photo Gallery

spectacle event_2004_italy_aerial_show_maranza118

event_2004_morocco_football_final_aerial_show_finale_de_foot_maroc__fr_04 event_2006_united_arab_emirates_aerial_show_200612090097 event_2004_singapore_fete_de_la_lune_asie_aerial_show_foto_58

Download the Spectacle Cut Sheet

Check out the Spectacle Video: