Lunix by Airstar

Above the rest…

Lunix can be your moon, or your sun. A soft glow, or a huge amount of glare-free light.

In the halogen configuration, these helium-filled units will provide beautiful, functional light for large to very large areas. In LED configuration, Lunix offers you the ability to create color palettes and control your environment. And, with our color and “themed” covers, you can create an entire atmosphere within your event.

These lights are great for branding and provide beautiful 360 degree, glare-free light.

Available in power configurations from 1000W up to 20,000W with either halogen lamps or HMI “daylight” lamps or DMX-controlled LED. Ask your representative which setup will best fit your application.


  • Fly With Helium Or Rigged
  • Available In Round Or Elliptical Shapes
  • Dimmable (Halogen) or DMX Controllable (LED)
  • Wind And Rain Resistant
  • Daylight Color Temperature Available (HMI)
  • A Variety Of Sizes Available
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Spherical or elliptical shape


  • Vinyl graphics
  • Digitally-printed cover
  • Colored, embroidered or printed slip covers


  • Lighting
  • Decoration
  • Branding

Lunix coverage chart.

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