Crystal by Airstar

Air-Filled Elegance


  • Air-inflated balloon (built-in fan)
  • Pole mounted
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Strong and wind-resistant balloon
  • Halogen (warm) or LED (color-changer) lighting
  • Quick set up (10 minutes)


  • Vinyl graphics
  • Digitally-printed full cover envelope
  • Colored, themed, embroidered or printed slip covers
  • Spandex base cover


  • Lighting
  • Decoration
  • Promotion
  • Branding




8 Socket (for C90 & 130)*                            16 Socket (for C160 & C200)**                       LED Only (all sizes)

clipsable 8 socket                clipsable 16 socket                Crystal-LED-Silhouette-for-Web-130

* Accepts either 8 CFL or 8 LED controllable lamps
** Accepts either 16 CFL or 16 LED controllable lamps


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Blue ROI C160 light off  Fuchsia C160 light off  Green C160 light on  Lhotse C90 light on  Red C160 light on

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Crystal International printed Envelope 2 letters  Digital Earth version 1 C160  Digital Moon Grey C160  sports-basketball-crystal 160  twist-lunix and crystal