About Airstar


Airstar, inventor and world leader of lighting balloons systems since 1994, is your best source for exciting innovation at the intersection of lighting, design and technology.

Airstar is the premium lighting solution for professional applications. Combining state-of-the-art lighting sources, handmade fabric envelopes and latest technology, packaged together for unmatched light output, giving your light a breathtaking design, being not only a lighting source but taking its real position as a part of decor.

People do not always appreciate the role that lighting plays in an event, and yet it is one of the key factors of success. Bringing a place to life, creating an atmosphere, enhancing the decorations, giving volume to a space, highlighting a building…

Airstar brings you an infinite number of lighting uses at an event.

To bring out the best in your talents, you need fixtures that maximize your event-setting capabilities and recreate them perfectly. Most of our products are now also available with LEDs. Play with color, intensity, hue and saturation to light breathtaking moods and dynamic effects.

Airstar products are so flexible and controllable, they can create exactly the scene you imagined with brilliant design.

At Airstar we offer a wide-range of services in addition to the sales and rental of entertainment lighting products. We can provide our clients with full-support service, from creative and special design to turnkey solutions, and after-sales service.

Airstar will be your leading supplier of entertainment and event lighting to a wide range of markets, including corporate and automotive events, concerts, special events, theatre, television and film, trade shows, and installations, such as theme parks, museums, retail stores and performing art centers.

We work closely with designers, producers, programmers, engineers and production managers to ensure we address the individual needs of a project. Our Account Managers understand that different markets have different requirements and they anticipate and meet our clients’ unique needs, across disciplines, in each of our markets.