Sirocco Accessories

With the right accessories, you can securely mount and use your Sirocco just about anywhere.  Airstar provides flexible solutions to make it easy.

Sirocco LED Portable Light Tower

Easily transport and position your lighting and generator with this light tower cart.


25lb. capacity sandbags are shipped empty to you.

P350TA – Stand for Sirocco S

A sturdy upgrade alternative to the standard S Flex and Sirocco S stand.

P500TB & P600TA Telescopic Stands

The P500TB (18ft) and P600TB (23ft) telescopic stands are a simple mounting solution for mostly level situations.

Offset Arm – Telescopic

Extend your Sirocco away from the stand and keep the light directly over your working area. Pair with a hitch adapter and pole mount for flexible lighting on any vehicle.

ST302 / ST301 Combination Kit

The Heavy Base and Telescoping Column package.

P500A – Telescopic Column

Use the pole mount with various other mounting options to secure your Sirocco or Flex to a variety of surfaces and vehicles.

ST302 – Heavy Base

This ST302 Heavy Base is for use with Telescopic Column ST301.

Grip Head – Tilting Device

Allows you to mount your Sirocco or Flex on an angle for more light directional options. For use with Stands and Telescopic Pole Column.

Trailer Hitch Receiver Mount

For use with the P500A Telescopic Column to create a mounting solution wherever you have a hitch receiver.

Spring Bracket for Vibratory Roller

For use on paving machines, and anywhere you want to minimize vibration to maximize lamp life.

Pole Bracket – Horizontal Mount

Mount your Airstar light horizontally on any piece of heavy equipment or truck, for light over areas where you can’t use a stand. Combine with a tilt head for ultimate flexibility.

Pole Bracket – Vertical Mount

The Pole Bracket – Vertical Mount allows you to create a fixed mounting point on any vehicle, trailer, or even static wall, providing a secure mounting point for your Sirocco.

Flex 4K Road Case (optional)

Durable road case for secure storage of your Flex 4K envelope and cage.