Flex-M 1 x 1000 W HI-T – Light It Long-Term

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FLEX Stays On The Job Longer

Sometimes your out on a site for longer than a day or two.  That’s when the FLEX Series comes in. The fan-free “Pop Up” envelope is designed for durability, and that allows you to keep this light setup until the job is done!  Plus, you still get the same high-quality, glare-free 360° light that keeps your site safe. 

-Weather & Wind-Resistent Up To 45mph
-Designed To Be On The Job Longer.  
-Energy efficient and Eco-Friendly.
-Fan-Free “Pop Up” Envelope Design.
-Low-Maintenance & Cost-Effective.
-Great for year-round use. Works well in extreme heat and extreme cold.
-Flame-Retardant Fabric.