Flex – L 4 x 1000W HI-T – Retrofit For The Future

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Your Lighting Tower. Evolved.

When you look for huge amounts of light, you look to lighting towers. The FLEX – L 4 x 1000W HI-T takes your lighting tower to a new level, allowing you to retrofit your current outdated tower with high-quality glare-free 360° light. One kit effectively replaces up to four traditional lighting towers, covering extremely large areas with usable light, while reducing the eye fatigue of your crew. 

FEATURES                                                                                                 Sirocco-4K
– Weather & Wind-Resistent Up To 75 mph
– Designed For Longer Projects.  
– Energy efficient and Eco-Friendly.
– Fan-Free “Pop Up” Envelope Design.
– Low-Maintenance & Cost-Effective.
– Great for year-round use. Works well in extreme heat and extreme cold.
– Flame-Retardant Fabric.