The Solarc is a helium-filled lighting balloon that can illuminate large amounts of space, enough to create daylight in the night.
The Solarc comes in six versions – the Solarc 250, 300; 370; 420; 500 and 700. All units feature:

Powerful, uniform, glare-free illumination perfect for nighttime events or instances where no shadows are desired
Easy installation and ability to move while installed
Evenly distributed light
HMI lamps
Color correction optional

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Airstar America is the originator and worldwide leader in the manufacture, sale and rental of lighting balloons
for film lighting, special event lighting, staging productions and sporting events. Airstar lighting balloons are available
through Airstar Lighting offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando and Austin, as well as with representatives and distributors
throughout the United States. Airstar Space Lighting's leading product lines include Lunix, Gala, Sirocco, Solarc and Indoor Tube.

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