Towair by Airstar

Add dimension…

The Towair line is a family of air-inflated decor shapes that add a unique look to your event, indoors or out. Choose from many sizes and shapes, all using the same interchangeable fan base, and each with plenty of area to showcase your brand or unique design with temporary vinyl or digital-print graphics.

Single base, multiple shapes


  • Air-inflated products (built-in fan)
  • Use indoor or outdoors
  • Many shapes and sizes available
  • Color controllable LED via control panel or DMX
  • Quick and easy setup


  • Vinyl graphics
  • Digitally-printed full cover envelope
  • Colored, embroidered or printed slip covers




  • Decoration
  • Promotion
  • Branding


See our photo gallery for Towair range (including Cones, Flames, Horns, Moon…)

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Clear Towair – Video