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Airstar is the inventor and leading manufacturer of lighting balloons that today are utilized by a variety of industries from film and events to rescue operations and construction. The creativity, practicality and flexibility of the product helps everyone from Directors of Photography to Event Producers reach new heights of perfection and creativity.


In 1994, French inventor and co-founder of Airstar, Pierre Chabert, created the Airstar -- a lighting unit that met the many challenges faced by photographers on film, television and commercial productions.

Chabert’s spherically shaped lighting balloon had the ability to shed 360-degrees of high-wattage, shadow-free light without any glare. The unit, inflated with helium or air, was able to be suspended in locations in which no other light fixture could reach safely.

In 1996, Airstar broke new ground when it was commissioned to light the nighttime shots of James Cameron’s Titanic in Rosarita Beach, Mexico. As the Titanic appeared to sink, several of Airstar’s large lighting spheres withstood high winds as they floated 150 feet above the scene, providing moonlight. The same effect was accomplished for the Pirates of Caribbean when Airstar was the sole source of lighting during the film’s mostly nighttime shoots.

In 2003, Chabert was awarded the highest complement in film – the Academy Award for Technical Achievement for the introduction of balloons with internal light sources to provide lighting for the motion picture industry.

During this time, other industries were discovering the beauty of Airstar.


Producers of live events who had experienced Airstar’s glare-free, 360-degree lighting on film shoots were quick to see the applications of Airstar’s unique units as both a source of light for staged events, and, when covered with custom fabrics, a design element.

Airstar has added light and drama to such illustrious events as the Harley Davidson’s Open Road Tour for its 100th Birthday events; World Youth Day and the American Music Awards.


After the units were used at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Sydney (custom designed to appear as ethereal and beautiful floating sea creatures for an underwater theme), the events industry was not far behind and began using the lighting balloons at events such as corporate awards shows, nighttime sporting events, film premieres and even upscale weddings.

In the events industry, Airstar has won numerous international awards for  a special lighting balloon that supported a trapeze artist at the Cannes Film Festival; for  the same affect at a Boston Pops concert  and more.

And Airstar is a proud member of event industry associations such as the International Special Events Society (ISES).


Airstar continues to be a leader and innovator in the field of lighting balloons. New products are being developed every day, from a completely clear sphere that holds objects, or even performers, to a line of new shapes and technical abilities.

Every improvement that Airstar makes continues to push the limits of imagination of what is possible in both film and events.

For Airstar, the sky truly is the limit.

Airstar America is the originator and worldwide leader in the manufacture, sale and rental of lighting balloons
for film lighting, special event lighting, staging productions and sporting events. Airstar lighting balloons are available
through Airstar Lighting offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando and Austin, as well as with representatives and distributors
throughout the United States. Airstar America's Space Lighting's leading product lines include Lunix, Gala, Sirocco, Solarc and Indoor Tube.

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